Friday, January 18, 2008

An Email With My Hubbie...

I just love the fact that I'm in a relationship with someone who is on the very same page as I am. We both have the same values and beliefs and that makes our relationship very successful. I am proud to be a vegan and my husband's pride attracts me to him more and more each day (though I didn't think that was possible)! They say that great minds think alike, I would have to agree. I'm so stoked about our present life, but even more stoked about our future and our little kiddies-to-be and all that we can explore with them and teach them. With such great love and passion the possibilities are endless...

Anyway here is one of our emails from today:

<>To: @aol.comSent: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 10:43 amSubject: prostate cancer and meat consumption

"Lately, scientists at Johns Hopkins have begun exploring the relationship between the prostate and seminal vesicles. What we have learned from their work is that the saga of human evolution is also a story of two male glands-both of which produce fluid that makes up semen. One gland, the prostate, is prone to cancer. The other, the seminal vesicle, is remarkably free of it. In nature, animals that are carnivores-meat-eaters like dogs and lions-don't have seminal vesicles. The only animals that have both prostates and seminal vesicles are herbivores-veggie-eating animals like bulls, apes, and elephants. There is only one exception to this rule: humans. Men have seminal vesicles, too. In other words, man, a meat-lover, has the makeup of an animal that should be a vegetarian."note - dr patrick walsh is not an animal rights activist - wrote(ME):
Cool! I thought we read this same thing before a while ago from the same dude? Am I right??? You know how my brain works! wrote:
you're right. i wasn't sure if we had discussed it but i just wanted to send you the link because it fits in with the fact that eating meat is NOT as natural for humans as humans seem to currently think.we humans may have "always" (which is not true in the first place) eaten meat but that doesn't mean that our bodies have ever been able to process it well. an overwhelming amount of evidence shows that the obviously optimal, natural human diet is free of dead animals, as well the products of their rape which have also been linked to prostate cancer -
people always get "to do" and "to be" confused. yes, we do eat animals and their reproductive fluids. no, we are not carnivores and NO, no other mammal consumes the milk of another species at all and no species consumes the milk of their own species after weaning. natural? it's rather odd that humans are, once again, the exception to the rule (sarcasm).if it's a question of what's natural, then our diet would be plant based according to the theory of evolution (science) and the bible (religion). it's painfully obvious (especially to any vegan) that humans actually eat animals more as a matter of bigoted traditions, which is -doing-, than for the sake of their own health and the health of the planet (what's natural), which is -being-.
-mini rant over-

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